Lessons learned the hard way

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The Problem

I ran into a problem where I wanted to create an ecto query that would nest an and/or statement inside my where clause. If you don’t understand that it's probably because it's hard to put into words…

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The Problem

I needed to select all items from a database that had a jsonb array column that contained a string…

Build your project’s own component library

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  1. Common logical components

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npm install from a git repo

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Apple apple…

A continuation of the game you play on your own right here, in this piece

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1. (True/False) Functional Arguments (Numbers, Booleans, Strings, Null, and Undefined) Are Passed by Reference

2. (True/False) Consider the Following Code, Do the Comments Represent the Correct Output?

A tutorial for writing a simple authentication React Hook

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Get Your Context Set Up

This isn’t too hard. If you’re on the latest version of React, then you should have Context…

The game you play on your own right here in this article

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1. What Does the Following Code Console Output?

var bar = null;console.log(typeof bar === "object");

2. What Does the Following Code Console Output?

var a = b = 3;

console.log("a defined? " + (typeof a !== 'undefined'));
console.log("b defined? " + (typeof b !== 'undefined'));

3. Everything in React Is a _______ .

a) Module

Using the best date library in the world

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moment().add(Number, String);

Number and string

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