A continuation of the game you play on your own right here, in this piece

Well, hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’ve checked out my first quiz on Javascript/React. If you haven’t you can check it out here on Better Programming a medium blog.

This second quiz consists of 6 problems. Hopefully, they don’t rack your brain too badly.

1. (True/False) Functional Arguments (Numbers, Booleans, Strings, Null, and Undefined) Are Passed by Reference

2. (True/False) Consider the Following Code, Do the Comments Represent the Correct Output?

The game you play on your own right here in this article

How much of a JavaScript guru are you? Are you trying to take your programming career to the next level?

I've put together 10 JavaScript trivia problems, see if you can answer them without using your browser console. Hopefully, you can learn something.

1. What Does the Following Code Console Output?

var bar = null;console.log(typeof bar ===…

Avery Duffin

Im a software engineer, react developer, inventor, salesman, family man, religious, and outdoor connoisseur

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